February 22, 2012

Are you ready? Don't Join KU! if...

Kathmandu University is the first choice of many students who want a University Degree in some technical fields. Kathmandu University is well known for its quality of education, trained and skilled educators and interactive way of teaching-learning procedures. The infrastructures, though not sufficient if everyone wants each of those stuffs ;) , are well enough for students. They talk about projects, labs, practicals, field visits, surveys, etc
everywhere around KU, no matter what season and what time of the day it is.

These were good things to learn; you would happily say 'Yes' if anyone asks if you would like to join KU for your University Degree. But there are things that make people think once again about joining KU.

Well.. for now you'll have to wait a couple of hours before you can learn the secrets behind KU.

I am back!

And it is not after ''a couple of hours' but a 'couple of weeks'. Anyway, I just went through this post to figure out what mood I had got when I started to write on this topic. Well..  That mood was 'afraid of upcoming final exams' type.

Uh ho, hello!!! Today was my first day of End Semester Exam, for Electronics (EEEG 211), and It went fine. I am in hurry so I will be wrapping up everything in a few points.

"There is a 'tradition' of expelling out students from KU in case they could not pass in 3 or more subjects in the final examination" is a good thing to know. The number '3' means only for theoretical courses. Subjects like Physics Practical, Engineering Drawing, Computer Project, etc. (and alike, which exist) are 3 in 1 subjects. In case you missed your final examination, you are supposed to repeat the semester.

Wait, wait!!! Getting expelled from KU is only when you are in the 1st semester, as you will have to give the Entrance examination of KU to join KU next year. In case you failed in any 3 subjects in other semesters, you are supposed to repeat the semester next year. Though good to hear, that 'feels' bad when experienced, I guess!

Well, let me end the topic..
Are you ready? Don't join KU if you are not going to study hard here!

What if you are already here in KU?
Be happy. You are here up to now means you can save your a** (sorry) from being kicked.

Time to give you a good news.. I am collecting 'things' to write on a topics "How to make full out of student life in KU" and "What 'to do' and 'not to do' in KU".

I would feel damn happy to see comments below, and even happier if you posted something that can help me write on the above two topics as soon as possible.

Happy living, KUians!


  1. main kura at ku nai chaina

    ku ma matra hoina shab lai nai jasto tha cha to ta....

  2. Good at some points and also I hope even you saved your a** being kicked.
    This Life in ku is a good topic.....
    Overall Just chill and keep it up...

  3. what the fuck!
    Yo rule KU ma matra ho ki TU ma pani xa?


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