July 30, 2011

Talks around KU

I was in front of the library at 7:30 this morning; I didn't realize that today is Saturday- days pass so quickly while exams are running- just like a dream! I had nowhere to go and couldn't set up my mood with a 3 kg 'Calculus book by Thomas'. I sat down among the benches, kept there as information booths. I started thinking about what people talk about in KU. What are the most commonly used phrases? Of course, this cannot be generalized but I could figure it out.

July 29, 2011

Kathmandu University and Facebook! Facebook?

Everyday when I enter the library I usually see four of the computers online there, one computer (an exception) is seen with python codes on the screen. Out of those four computers at least three have facebook opened as current tab or it's opened in another! Though not as strong as you in Mathematics, I calculated the percentage ratio of facebook and other websites. It was 300%.

Kathmandu University- As a Friend!

Many people come in my life, and they come in yours too. Some never meet you though they influence you and some do not even they are always around. Some people insist to be friends with you when you are afraid of something unknown and some never accept your request for friendship. Kathmandu University, a very good friend of mine, is making new friends this summer. I am glad to see thousands of new faces around here who have come to befriend with my KU.

July 27, 2011

KU Changed My Life. Did it really or did I change myself?

I would not have seen Kathmandu University till this date if I did not have a craze of traveling without fixing my destination. I would have been deprived of this wonderful life experience I am having now in Kathmandu University. Well, this article is going to be personal one, with my own experiences before I reached KU and a few experiences of university life here.
 I used to go for entrance preparation classes at

10 Things I don't Like in Kathmandu University

  • *Sometimes the administration + management section of Kathmandu University wears a blindfold; it is the worst thing that can happen to a student's life when he/she reaches them with an expectation.

10 things I like in Kathmandu University

  1. International Recognition:
    Kathmandu University is globally recognized university; it's certificate is equivalent to the certificates from universities across 65 nations. The syllabus is well organized and it is improvised on a regular basis.

July 25, 2011

Preparation for Application Submission

< Important information: While filling up your application form on-line, you are supposed to choose the subjects on the basis of your priority. Make sure you chose the subject that you want to study in the first priority. Select the subjects for 2nd and 3rd priority as well. >

You shall prepare a few things before you reach KU to apply for any course. The first thing you should know is you are going to fill an application form online. So make sure you know how to do that. Otherwise come with someone who can assist you in fill up the form.
Make sure you are ready ...

Examination in Kathmandu University

     "My heart is pounding 'dhuk dhuk dhuk dhuk...', is it because exam is on the next step?" posted one of my friends in KU in his facebook profile. Well, I commented, "Yours was just 'dhuk dhuk dhuk dhuk...'; my breath had stopped when I saw the question paper, thank God, my heart was pounding." 
Not a big topic of discussion.. actually nothing important but still you might have guessed that the questions were unexpected. I am not guilty to say, "The questions which I had ignored as non-important were all I saw in the question paper." May be, some of you had a good time with those questions; it was my bad luck, perhaps.
So what? Does that give an overview of examination in KU?", asked someone

July 24, 2011

Tips For Entrance Examination of KU

Entrance Examination of Kathmandu University has been scheduled to be held on 9th August 2011. The students who have filled up the online registration form and verified their documents after paying a non refundable fee to KU are provided with an admission card for admission test (entrance exam) of KU. In short I would like to share my experience of entrance examination and give you some tips and hints about the entrance exam.

Are you ready for the entrance examination?

Online Registration for Entrance Exam-Kathmandu University

Online Forms is available from July 20, 2011 at the KU website

Application filling at KU intranet, Dhulikhel.

Distribution: Distribution of Program Brochures, Sample Questions and Scholarship Forms has started from July 24 to August 8, 2011 (10:00 AM to 3:00 PM) at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel with the payment of Rs 1000/- ( nonrefundable).

Admission Card: Admission Test Admit Card is issued to the students after verification of original certificates.

The last date for the submission of completed application form is August 8, 2011.

Admission Test: Applicants must appear for the admission test conducted by the University on
August 9, 2011, Tuesday at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel.

Entrance Examination of Kathmandu University

 [ informal information ]
Online registration for admission in Kathmandu University has recently been opened. The link to the admission form is http://admission.ku.edu.np/admission/online/ . You can access the site from anywhere and start the registration procedure. You simply can fill up the form as many times as you wish. Make sure you fill up the form only once with your valid name and other details.

Well, I have found that you need to register yourself as an 'email address' to start the registration procedure. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password to enter the registration page. YOU ARE NOT BEING ASKED TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND THE PASSWORD ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT.

July 19, 2011

Kathmandu University Central Library

KUCL- The term 'library' will be one of your favorites during your life in KU.
  • I am in the library.
  • Lets go to library.
  • It's in library.
  • In front of library.
  • Network connection in library is...
  • I had to return the book to library.
  • I saw him/her in the library.
  • ...
KU Library is one of the most favourite destination of many students; you might not be the one among them but that's not the part of my problem. What I know is library is Heaven in KU. It has got five sections:
  1. Computers corner - you'll be surfing Internet from that corner of library. One fact about those computers: rarely more than 5 out of 7 computers work or have every accessories required. We had tried to maintain those computers once (we means myself with 4 other friends), and 6 of them worked; one of them had problem in network adapter which was supposed to be changed very soon but it's nearly been 2 months...
  2. Counter - you'll be issuing and returning books using your Own ID Card from this section of library, and the card is verified by a bar code

What is there in Kathmandu University

As soon as you reach KU after your academic session here starts for the first time (like it does every semester for me), you are a citizen of Kathmandu University. KU is your new country; it has its own language, own constitution, own leaders, own ethics and tradition. You need to know the location of its zones, (called department of Something Something, Kathmandu University, School of Something Something).
Here is an overview of the vitals of Kathmandu University.

Life in Kathmandu University? An Overview.

Kathmandu University is simply the best university in Nepal for various faculty and course of study. Moreover the course design and syllabus is of international standard. The graduates of Kathmandu university can receive an equivalent certificate from 65 nations throughout the world for same course. Kathmandu University is the best university in Nepal in terms of quality of its products. But still there are many cons of KU. Life at KU is not that simple and easy as we had expected while first coming here.

Let me include a personal experience here. I am a student of Kathmandu University, most probably you are also one. While I first came to Kathmandu University, my motive was not to study here. I was here to visit Dhulikhel, but it was one of my classmates from PEA to provide me 1000 rupees to fill up the form. Well, I didn't reject and filled it up. I came for entrance, and later on after knowing well about KU I decided to study here. I am quite satisfied but still I saw many things that I could share with other students at KU or to those who are thinking of joining KU.