June 25, 2012

Lucky first year students...

Well, my latest post was about the reasons that can make you think twice before taking a decision to join Kathmandu University. Yes, at the time I wrote that post, the notice on the board outside the KUCL was not there. The notice, a it is pasted there, makes everyone looking at it happy. The notice is about agreement signed by Kathmandu University and Students' Union a few days ago, and I would pretend that I don't have any further details about when, where and how the agreements were made. What I was delighted to see were 5, 6 points which were directly beneficial to the students.

So, first year students joining Kathmandu University will be the luckier people. Not interested? Well... ok! There's a (x) button over there, on the top of the window. Click there! Have a good day!

So, what were the points that made me write it?