October 11, 2012

Vijay Dashami and Dashain Vacation

Dashain is approaching and we are all ready to celebrate it to the fullest. Enough talks are there around KU regarding the Dashain Vacation this year. We had come to know that KU will be giving a month's vacation including both Dashain and Deepawali this year. Though, with the results published recently, everyone knows that the classes will run between the festivals.

Though KU is scheduled to be closed from coming Monday, students are already moving to their homes- esp. those who belong to farther places. It can be assumed that classes of coming Sunday and Monday would not be conducted properly as many students have already planned their departure tomorrow or on Saturday.

Anyways, I wish all the students, teachers and everyone here at KU a Happy Vijaya Dashami. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

Blood donation programme organized by KUYRCC

Today, Kathmandu University Youth Red Cross Circle (KUYRCC) has organized a blood donation program. The program formally started at 10am and continued until 4pm. Total of 204 students donated blood in the programme. The programme was conducted in the CV Raman Dining Hall, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel.

Even before the programme started there was a huge mass of students, eagerly waiting for the Remote Blood Collection Van of Red Cross Society. I was glad to see so many students ready to volunteer for organizing the programme with ease.

KUYRCC had a target of 200 blood donors for today's programme. The target was easily fulfilled. Thanks to the students of Pharmacy department, and all the volunteer students.

October 08, 2012

Results of 1st year 2nd Semester (2011 batch) Published

Today, the results for Results of 1st year 2nd Semester (2011 batch) has been published by Examination Controller of Kathmandu University.

Like always, with the results published many of the students seem unhappy; they have been seen crushing the life in KU. The results were quite surprising, as many of the students who had not expected to fail have failed. Few students have come to a point where they will have to re-join KU with the students of 2011 batch, repeating the 2nd semester starting this fall.

June 25, 2012

Lucky first year students...

Well, my latest post was about the reasons that can make you think twice before taking a decision to join Kathmandu University. Yes, at the time I wrote that post, the notice on the board outside the KUCL was not there. The notice, a it is pasted there, makes everyone looking at it happy. The notice is about agreement signed by Kathmandu University and Students' Union a few days ago, and I would pretend that I don't have any further details about when, where and how the agreements were made. What I was delighted to see were 5, 6 points which were directly beneficial to the students.

So, first year students joining Kathmandu University will be the luckier people. Not interested? Well... ok! There's a (x) button over there, on the top of the window. Click there! Have a good day!

So, what were the points that made me write it?

February 22, 2012

Are you ready? Don't Join KU! if...

Kathmandu University is the first choice of many students who want a University Degree in some technical fields. Kathmandu University is well known for its quality of education, trained and skilled educators and interactive way of teaching-learning procedures. The infrastructures, though not sufficient if everyone wants each of those stuffs ;) , are well enough for students. They talk about projects, labs, practicals, field visits, surveys, etc

August 02, 2011

Entrance Examination Questions Available?

It's a new season in Kathmandu University, season of examinations- end semester examination and entrance examination for new batch. Students from all around Nepal have been at KU to fill up an application form for engineering, science and other faculties of their interest and are getting ready for the entrance examination. Viewing the incoming search queries in this blog I found 'Entrance examination question for Kathmandu University' being searched from different parts of Nepal; most of the searches for entrance examination questions were from around Kathmandu though

July 30, 2011

Talks around KU

I was in front of the library at 7:30 this morning; I didn't realize that today is Saturday- days pass so quickly while exams are running- just like a dream! I had nowhere to go and couldn't set up my mood with a 3 kg 'Calculus book by Thomas'. I sat down among the benches, kept there as information booths. I started thinking about what people talk about in KU. What are the most commonly used phrases? Of course, this cannot be generalized but I could figure it out.

July 29, 2011

Kathmandu University and Facebook! Facebook?

Everyday when I enter the library I usually see four of the computers online there, one computer (an exception) is seen with python codes on the screen. Out of those four computers at least three have facebook opened as current tab or it's opened in another! Though not as strong as you in Mathematics, I calculated the percentage ratio of facebook and other websites. It was 300%.

Kathmandu University- As a Friend!

Many people come in my life, and they come in yours too. Some never meet you though they influence you and some do not even they are always around. Some people insist to be friends with you when you are afraid of something unknown and some never accept your request for friendship. Kathmandu University, a very good friend of mine, is making new friends this summer. I am glad to see thousands of new faces around here who have come to befriend with my KU.

July 27, 2011

KU Changed My Life. Did it really or did I change myself?

I would not have seen Kathmandu University till this date if I did not have a craze of traveling without fixing my destination. I would have been deprived of this wonderful life experience I am having now in Kathmandu University. Well, this article is going to be personal one, with my own experiences before I reached KU and a few experiences of university life here.
 I used to go for entrance preparation classes at