June 25, 2012

Lucky first year students...

Well, my latest post was about the reasons that can make you think twice before taking a decision to join Kathmandu University. Yes, at the time I wrote that post, the notice on the board outside the KUCL was not there. The notice, a it is pasted there, makes everyone looking at it happy. The notice is about agreement signed by Kathmandu University and Students' Union a few days ago, and I would pretend that I don't have any further details about when, where and how the agreements were made. What I was delighted to see were 5, 6 points which were directly beneficial to the students.

So, first year students joining Kathmandu University will be the luckier people. Not interested? Well... ok! There's a (x) button over there, on the top of the window. Click there! Have a good day!

So, what were the points that made me write it?
  1. Students of First year, now onwards will not be expelled in case they passed in half of the total credit. It was like, if a student failed in three of the 2-credit subjects, he/she would be expelled. Now, that is not going to happen. The total credit hour in a semester is roughly between 18-21. Assuming it is 18 total credit hours, a students who passes in 10 credit hours subjects, he/she will have a chance to attend the compartmental exams to pass those subjects. Moreover, if expelled, the repeating students will not have to take classes and appear in the End-semester exam of the subjects which he/she had already passed. No detailed information has been provided.
  2. Next, if a student is not able to attend the End-semester examination because of illness or any casualties, or because of unforeseen accidents in the family, he/she will be allowed to sit for compartmental exams and grades shall be allocated as in regular exams. Yes, in compartmental exams, 'A-' used to be the highest possible grade to achieve. I think, this amendment is valid only in case the student is unable to attend the exam, not in case he/she failed in regular exam, and it seems legit.
  3. Next is about scholarship. KU used to give scholarship to 5% of the total number of enrolled students. Now onwards, scholarship will be granted to 10% of the enrolled students, such that the students enjoying the scholarship would not be affected.
  4. And yes, about study loan. Kathmandu University will help students acquire education loan by setting up contract with banks. According to the notice, KU will help students get interest-free education loan. KU has been providing education loan to the deserving loan, already. Though, this agreement is going to be fruitful for the students.
  5. Next is about providing internet connectivity to all the students. In my first post on this blog, I had mentioned about the wireless internet connectivity, which is apparently useless. And it is still almost same. According to the notice, KU will be providing free wireless internet connection within at least 500meters radius around KU, which is obviously is a wise decision, but questions arise, how KU is going to make sure the facility is not misused.
There are many other useful points and decisions in the notice, which I could not include because of time constrains.

Glad that you reached here! Good luck.


  1. Generally, each subject in KU is of 3 cerdits. 3 subjects = 9 Credits. which is 50% of 18 Credits semester. so the student will be dropped out any how if he failed in 3 subjects. Virtually there is no change in rule but still it's a relief.

    1. Yeah.. We have seen someone surviving the semester even after failing in four of the 2-credit subjects. That's cool enought!

  2. they say mostly students of Computer Engineering are expelled. Is that true? If yes, why only computer engineering students?

  3. is electical and electronics engineering benefitial??? I mean can you please describe its scope...


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