August 02, 2011

Entrance Examination Questions Available?

It's a new season in Kathmandu University, season of examinations- end semester examination and entrance examination for new batch. Students from all around Nepal have been at KU to fill up an application form for engineering, science and other faculties of their interest and are getting ready for the entrance examination. Viewing the incoming search queries in this blog I found 'Entrance examination question for Kathmandu University' being searched from different parts of Nepal; most of the searches for entrance examination questions were from around Kathmandu though
. So I thought it would be a better idea to help those people out with a little information about entrance examination of KU and model questions (samples of old questions) for it.

        First of all you should understand one vital thing while you are preparing for the entrance examination. Your goal should not be to answer hundreds of questions among the 'possibly asking questions' for entrance examination. You must be prepared for sitting for the examination with a confidence to be selected for the undergraduate courses in KU. The entrance examination is a competition; you are not supposed to prepare all those 'model/sample questions of entrance exam' and come to show your achievement of last week. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE QUESTIONS. They will be completely based on the intermediate level course that you are already familiar with. Follow these Simple tips for entrance examination and come with confidence. You will do it if you are capable of and of course, lucky enough.

         Are you worried for not being selected? Well, there was a simple trick that you could have used (unless everyone uses the same) to increase your chance of being selected. Did you know or not you can change your faculty after first semester or the second. So if you have filled up the form for Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, you have less chance of getting admission (I don't mean that you cannot, I simply mean there is a tough competition). You can fill up your form for Environmental Engineering, Geomatics Engineering or even Computer Engineering so that you can get admission quite easily if you did your entrance exam well. First and second semester courses for all these faculties is same (almost), hence you can easily shift to the faculty of your choice.

         This was all about entrance exam and admission... in an informal and incomplete way. Do well; hearty best wishes from my side.


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