July 19, 2011

Kathmandu University Central Library

KUCL- The term 'library' will be one of your favorites during your life in KU.
  • I am in the library.
  • Lets go to library.
  • It's in library.
  • In front of library.
  • Network connection in library is...
  • I had to return the book to library.
  • I saw him/her in the library.
  • ...
KU Library is one of the most favourite destination of many students; you might not be the one among them but that's not the part of my problem. What I know is library is Heaven in KU. It has got five sections:
  1. Computers corner - you'll be surfing Internet from that corner of library. One fact about those computers: rarely more than 5 out of 7 computers work or have every accessories required. We had tried to maintain those computers once (we means myself with 4 other friends), and 6 of them worked; one of them had problem in network adapter which was supposed to be changed very soon but it's nearly been 2 months...
  2. Counter - you'll be issuing and returning books using your Own ID Card from this section of library, and the card is verified by a bar code reader. NO Cheating, no fraud at all. See the warning on the pillar there. Return the books in time, or you will pay for the pocket money of someone in there. See the rules of KU library that you receive. :)
  3. Reference Section - you'll get books and CD/DVD discs inside that corner of KU library but you will have to deposit your ID card to take anything out of that section. Do not ever dare to return the book back to reference section without claiming back the ID or claim the ID without returning the book. Both suck!
  4. Magazines Section -  you'll get a lot of old magazines and several daily and weekly newspapers to go through. Better you read a loud in there so that everyone could listen you dictating the news. An idea to be popular. :)
  5. ISMS and Restroom - well, it's just to mention that there is a restroom near the ISMS section of the library. Many of you will not know that until you see someone going towards there showing his/her little finger. :)
  6. Open Space - All the other space inside the library is the last section. Adjust yourself anywhere inside the library, on any set of desk bench in any corner. Remember that most of the beautiful places are always reserved by early birds of our library; this rule also applies to the computer corner. Make sure that you are one of the 2 peoples in one side of a set of desks, else someone will shout at you "Do not stay more than 2 people there! If you have to talk, you can go out!"
General Rules of Library
  • Do not enter the library without an ID card unless you never issue any book from there. You will not forgive yourself if someone else issues a book that you liked from the core of your heart just because you didn't have ID card with you.
  • Do not enter the library with your bag even if you are in a great hurry. We realize that you must be in hurry but 'they' inside the library will not. You will be a fun part, I bet you will be more fun that Oggy and the Cockroaches.
  • Look before you transit from 'inside' of the library to 'outside' of the library and vice versa. Common entrance and exit with a hidden 'one person at a time' tag! Really sucks when you collide with someone and hurt yourself!
  • Do not make a noise unless you are expert in handling people with high temper. You will realize this very soon.
  • Do not plug out the network wires from the computers and insert into your laptop for a faster connection (you'll do that one day or other). Well, if you have to, then get ready to respond to these words: "I know well, you will try to say that someone else had already plugged it out." Hope you understood!
  • Do not take the books issued on your card inside the reference section; it is not a mistake until you discuss on the topic for a few minutes in there to take the book out of there.
  • DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THE WINDOWS OF LIBRARY. In fact, all computers run on Linux Operating system. You will find a 'Linux User Guide' pasted on the pillar there. Well, windows.. right? All the windows have been sealed. No ventilation. I guess next generation students will also breathe in the same air that I was breathing this afternoon, writing a post on 'What is there in KU?'
  • Paying fine to belated returning of books is a tradition; and there comes a modification when you take with you a book from the reference section and don't return it for a few days. I have seen many of my friends paying more than 200 Rupees for a single book for few weeks. See the official paper given to you that includes the actual 'Rules and Regulations of KUCL'.
Well, enough describing about the library of Kathmandu University. I have to go for a nap. Happy librarying in KU, guys.

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