July 24, 2011

Entrance Examination of Kathmandu University

 [ informal information ]
Online registration for admission in Kathmandu University has recently been opened. The link to the admission form is http://admission.ku.edu.np/admission/online/ . You can access the site from anywhere and start the registration procedure. You simply can fill up the form as many times as you wish. Make sure you fill up the form only once with your valid name and other details.

Well, I have found that you need to register yourself as an 'email address' to start the registration procedure. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password to enter the registration page. YOU ARE NOT BEING ASKED TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND THE PASSWORD ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT.
There is a link 'Register...' where you will click for the first time to register yourself as a new user, or a new student trying to fill up the form. You can create a password for yourself.

BETTER YOU DO NOT USER THE SAME PASSWORD FOR YOUR LOGIN. AND, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PASSWORD TWICE TO CONFIRM IT. WELL, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAD TYPED IN 'passwprd' instead of 'password', there is a simple option. Just click on the 'Logout' button on the right hand side top corner of the page and register yourself as another user...

Enough describing about the registration 'Entry' page. After you have registered yourself, you will see the form. I don't think I should tell you about filling up the form, as almost everyone of you have already filled up a form on Facebook or your email provider's site. Well, there you might have entered any fake name or the name of your friend or foe to hide your personal identity but do not make that mistake here! Enter the details about yourself accurately, because:
  1. The data you entered in the online registration form must tally with your original documents.
  2. You will get nothing more than a wastage of time filling up all the details in the form.

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