July 19, 2011

Life in Kathmandu University? An Overview.

Kathmandu University is simply the best university in Nepal for various faculty and course of study. Moreover the course design and syllabus is of international standard. The graduates of Kathmandu university can receive an equivalent certificate from 65 nations throughout the world for same course. Kathmandu University is the best university in Nepal in terms of quality of its products. But still there are many cons of KU. Life at KU is not that simple and easy as we had expected while first coming here.

Let me include a personal experience here. I am a student of Kathmandu University, most probably you are also one. While I first came to Kathmandu University, my motive was not to study here. I was here to visit Dhulikhel, but it was one of my classmates from PEA to provide me 1000 rupees to fill up the form. Well, I didn't reject and filled it up. I came for entrance, and later on after knowing well about KU I decided to study here. I am quite satisfied but still I saw many things that I could share with other students at KU or to those who are thinking of joining KU.
For gaining anything you should lose other. Similar is the case here. You will lose a lot of things staying here at KU. I will describe each of them and help you hack those barriers and improve your living experience in Kathmandu University. Why KU? And why Not? 

Let me list a few points here that will give an overview of darker side of life in KU.

1. KU remains closed on Saturday. All offices and government institutes too remain closed on the same day. So if we need to get any of the official or government services, we need to leave classes.

2. Only day shift of schedule runs in KU. Starting from 9:00 sharp to 16:00 sharp, the university runs. If we are compelled to work on one shift and study in others, that's not the cup of tea for KU students.

3. Though wireless internet connection is available in KU, that is strictly limited within the library for all students and the quality of wireless network connection is degraded. Quality wired connection is distributed in only 7 computers for students, which are at a corner of central library. Unless you are not a resident of hostel in KU, you are obviously deprived of a quality internet connection.
{ department of Language and Mass Communication has distributed wireless network signal for the block. }

4. KU is not fully residential; students need to find place to stay themselves. Finding a good place to stay that long is a hard task; students seem to be changing their residence frequently in search of a better house.

5. The books in the central library are not updated frequently, hence it is a tradition in KU to depend on E-Books for study, and it's not for you if you do not own a computer.

Well, randomly and quickly selected points, and they are not the representative of flaws of Kathmandu University, but just the representation of the thoughts from the point of view of a student studying in KU. As a student of KU, you will never realize what you really dislike here in KU but still will never be satisfied. People learn to adapt here. They find their own ways to live simply and comfortably in this perspective, but those ideas and hacks they implement on their lives remain undocumented. The problems for which one student has found an idea to escape from remains a problem for another throughout the life in KU. Ideas should be shared, experiences should be published so that we could make a better experience in KU.

This was an introduction to KU and this blog. With a hope of making life easier, I shall be posting on as many topics as I find useful; that might be an experience described by my classmate or one shared by any one of the visitors like you.


  1. Hello. Are u against KU or what? U are wrong with the fact about internet connection. Internet connection isn't limited within library.. If you have laptop get out of library sit at the garden and make good use of wifi. Internet connection is all available at Girls' hostel and boys' hostel as well. More than that, Department of languages and Mass communication has provided free wifi throughout. So, better correct it dude!!

  2. Thanks for your valuable comment and suggestion. I have corrected myself. Well, you have mentioned that you can use the internet outside the library; but it is not goodness of KU but that of a descent router whose range is spread out that far even after being placed at a corner of ISMS room.
    Well, I had actually forgotten about the wireless distribution by the department of LaMC. Thanks


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