July 27, 2011

10 things I like in Kathmandu University

  1. International Recognition:
    Kathmandu University is globally recognized university; it's certificate is equivalent to the certificates from universities across 65 nations. The syllabus is well organized and it is improvised on a regular basis.

  2. Standardized Courses:
    sKathmandu University offers unique and specialized courses in various faculties in instead of general courses of study. Specialization in Hydropower for Civil Engineering, communication or power supply for Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics for Bachelors in Science, and Masters in Pharmacy are few examples.

  3. Quality Administration: Kathmandu University is, in a way punctual. All the examinations are held on time; the results are published and distributed within the pre determined date. Moreover, all the official functions and events (including the events organized by students) are organized without any delay or hindrance.

  4. No Politics?:
    Political impact on the student life is very less in Kathmandu Univerisity in comparision to other universities in Nepal. Being more specific, we can say that the quality of education in KU has never been questioned because of any political aspect (though for a couple of times we have had a bitter experience).

  5. Calm Environment:
    Kathmandu University is situated in a calm and peaceful place with greenery all around with  beautiful panaromic view of mountains. The environment is healthy and weather is cool throughout the year.

  6. Peaceful Premises:
    Kathmandu University is isolated from the busy city area, hence providing a better experience of study/university life. 

  7. Well-facilitated Library:
    KUCL- the central library of Kathmandu University is spacious and well facilitated; thousands of books under different categories are available and indexed for searching online. It is really easy finding books of any category here.

  8. Residential University:
    Students are provided with hostel facility on the basis of merit and distance Kathmandu University is partially residential (is on the way to fully residential system) which provides a better university life experience among collagues of same level and with similar ambitions.

  9. Unique Experience:
    Kathmandu University has a completely different environment that resembles not an educational institution but a home to live in. It has its own traditions and norms which interests every student who joins KU.

  10. Personal View:
    The tenth point is that I have got wonderful life and wonderful people all around me in KU; my friends, my classmates, my dreams and ambitions- all are in KU. I just love KU. Cheers!

THIS POST IS COURTESY OF MY FRIEND SIMOLI. http://greenisgood4u.blogspot.com/, I THINK!
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  1. Thats great! KU rocks and I love it too!

  2. Proud to be a student of KU.

  3. Are there any extra activities done in KU. Like some programs that are not related to your course work.


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