July 29, 2011

Kathmandu University and Facebook! Facebook?

Everyday when I enter the library I usually see four of the computers online there, one computer (an exception) is seen with python codes on the screen. Out of those four computers at least three have facebook opened as current tab or it's opened in another! Though not as strong as you in Mathematics, I calculated the percentage ratio of facebook and other websites. It was 300%.
            I like facebook; you and rest of other more than 500 million people like it. Did you know or not, all of them have opened an account on facebook each; many of them have multiple accounts. (I guess you must be whispering 'stupid! ;-) .. am I stupid to write all this? Well, then who reads a stupid post by a stupid boy sitting in one corner of the library in front of his acer4732z and typing all this, with fingers aching after written continuously for 2 and half hour for ENVE 101 Final Examination...)

           This was about nothing. You will not mind me change the topic back to 'Kathmandu University and Favebook'. There is a facebook group for the batch of 2010, there is another for my class and most probably each departments have their own groups in facebook. We share news, we share results and notices, we share jokes and even silly pictures taken last evening- on those groups. Facebook groups have been very popular -I prefer to say successful- in KU. Don't you believe? Give it a try. Hit [Ctrl + 1] in your keyboard. You will see at least one notification from your favorite group. You must have added all of your classmates and everyone who seems visible on those groups. You talk about class in facebook discussion, and discuss in class about posts in facebook. It is exam time; still I can find 17 of my friends online. It's amazing; that's why you like facebook, and that's why I like it. Facebook makes my life in KU more pleasing, more interesting... I can see my friends quarreling in there, and poking each other every minute. I see them tag their 'roopa'.s in a picture of a flower...and there are 20s of likes and comments behind all those pictures. Facebook has been an important part of life in KU.

           I smile when I see a guy enter the library at 3:00pm and clicks on 'Home', then 'Profile', then on messages... and notifications etc until it is 8:00pm and everyone is leaving. When a voice comes, "Now it's time to close the library; shut down the computer", he clicks on 'Poke back' and then logs out. I see everything. Sitting in front of one of the computers in here and writing all these, I hear nothing except the sound of scrolling the mouse wheel. I look towards left, and see one girl scrolling back and forth through 'Most Recent' and 'Top News' sections. She must be expecting the older posts to appear. I smile again; but this time not at her but myself. The next tab on my browser starts blinking; there is 'Kathmandu University-2010' *blink...* 'Someone Messaged You!'. One of my friends is at 'Lotus cafe' and is messaging me from his  facebook chat application to go and join him for a plate of Parautha.

            I Got to go! I just replied, 'Ok, I'm coming... order one plate for me too..". Hope to see you reading future posts. You have read up to here, I understand how you might be feeling. Feel free to leave your comment. I like to hear from people but it's a bitter truth that nobody wants to talk about me!


  1. lol you're a interesting guy. and i like the way you write. lucky, that you are in KU, all the best there.

  2. Mmm... Just few minutes ago, i entered into this site, and it's all fun to read your blogs. and, you are an interesting guy... Liked the way you write..


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