July 24, 2011

Tips For Entrance Examination of KU

Entrance Examination of Kathmandu University has been scheduled to be held on 9th August 2011. The students who have filled up the online registration form and verified their documents after paying a non refundable fee to KU are provided with an admission card for admission test (entrance exam) of KU. In short I would like to share my experience of entrance examination and give you some tips and hints about the entrance exam.

Are you ready for the entrance examination?

Well, answers can vary since 'ready' doesn't imply anything great. You were ready for the entrance exam on the last day of your college. It's obvious that the entrance examination is taken to choose from you guys, as students of Kathmandu University. Let me save you a secret: There is no such unofficial criteria to become a student of Kathmandu University. :) Not a joke actually! You will understand the meaning of this saying when you come to join our world, the KU world! Well, I was supposed to give you some hints and tips for entrance examination of Kathmandu University.
I will start hereafter.

Preparing for the entrance examination of KU
  1. You are supposed to tick on the correct option among four; one is always right and others are always wrong! There is nothing like one is 50% right. So, do not tick on two or even more (if you are that psychic) options there unless stated clearly in the question. Theme: Question Pattern is MCQ (multiple choice questions). You might have received a 'Sample Questions for Entrance Exam', where there might be 'Fill in the blanks...' etc. That's I don't know what! I was fooled; you do not, please!
  2. Do not get worried about the exam; you will surely be selected if you had paid good attention in the course of study in +2 or whatever you have just came out of. You cannot change the fate now; it is almost sure whether you will be selected or not. Theme: Questions are totally conceptual. You will answer most of them if you have an idea about the topics you have studied. If you had just 'done' the exams, sorry I cannot do anything for you except providing a sure shot trick. Open the course book and start reading those theories (definitions and descriptions - including 'units').
  3.  Come in time! You do not want to miss your exam, do you? You will find it a great fun wandering around the departments of KU before the entrance exam begins. Remember that the entrance exams will be held in more than one shift; you will not want to come at 9:00 and wait till 1:00 without any work to do, or come at 1:00 whilst your entrance exam begins at 9:00. I can give you a hint.. Please feel free to contact any of the personnels of KU if you want any kind of assistance in the entrance examination.
  4. Well, that's it. You will have to do your best in the examination. But there is on circumstance you will not want to come for entrance at all. Attending the entrance exam brings you one step closer to the KU world. KU world is something different than you have imagined. Feel free to learn more about life in KU from anyone studying in KU. Or, you can send email to lifeinku@gmail.com.

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  1. Undergraduate ko kasto questions haru aunxan n exam chahi kaile hunxa ???


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