July 30, 2011

Talks around KU

I was in front of the library at 7:30 this morning; I didn't realize that today is Saturday- days pass so quickly while exams are running- just like a dream! I had nowhere to go and couldn't set up my mood with a 3 kg 'Calculus book by Thomas'. I sat down among the benches, kept there as information booths. I started thinking about what people talk about in KU. What are the most commonly used phrases? Of course, this cannot be generalized but I could figure it out.

I had not thought I would be writing all this here; actually before I sat down and opened my blogger for a 'new post', the first phrase that came into my mind was 'khoya ...[my name]' because many of my friends who see me writing for this blog tell me the same thing; I reply, "don't bother me again (hya na`chat na malai feri)". Yes, that must be one of the most favourite (oops! I have used the word 'favorite/favourite' several times; I get confused when firefox of ubuntu underlines 'favorite' as incorrect and firefox of windows highlights 'favourite' as incorrect; no probs though) phrases for guys. Next, .......... WHY AM I WRITING ALL THIS ??? GOT TO PREPARE FOR MY EXAM! :)

I chose a wrong topic to write on! If you got some idea about it, drop a comment.

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