October 08, 2012

Results of 1st year 2nd Semester (2011 batch) Published

Today, the results for Results of 1st year 2nd Semester (2011 batch) has been published by Examination Controller of Kathmandu University.

Like always, with the results published many of the students seem unhappy; they have been seen crushing the life in KU. The results were quite surprising, as many of the students who had not expected to fail have failed. Few students have come to a point where they will have to re-join KU with the students of 2011 batch, repeating the 2nd semester starting this fall.

Many students who were about to return from the Admin Block had a long face. They complained that this time the papers must have been checked 'tightly'. I happened to recall KU has always been criticized by students for the unfair result. Recently there was a news about unfair and illogical results published by Kathmandu University. No matter what, the very first thing students must keep in mind is that What They Get is What They Gave. Though the authority should be careful about the consequences and make sure the results are fair and legit.

For the students who didn't see their serial number on the result published, who have started to lose hope and feeling humiliated or frustrated, please recall that life is not a straight path. There are ups and downs in every path of life. If you failed to climb a hill in first attempt, that doesn't mean you should give up. There is no way back to past, neither there is an easier way. Now you have a few months of time, which you can utilize to your best to make the way ahead easier and see far beyond into your future.

Personally I suggest you to get involved in the stuff you are interested in, hence cheering up yourself so that you'll keep up your self confidence. You have enough time to do what you were thinking of doing since long, like learning to play a guitar, may be? Or you can do a research in an interesting topic related to your field of study. You can start a blog and start writing your life down. You can do anything that pleases you. No matter what, you will have to re-admit to continue with your college degree. There is nothing to lose; gain as much as you can in the leisure; don't let yourself stay idle and wait until the classes start again. Keep yourself busy, fulfill your dreams and in no time you'll feel like everything that happens to you is for good reason.

I wish you all the best. And congratulations to you all who have successfully passed your first year.

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