July 27, 2011

10 Things I don't Like in Kathmandu University

  • *Sometimes the administration + management section of Kathmandu University wears a blindfold; it is the worst thing that can happen to a student's life when he/she reaches them with an expectation.
  • Admission is cancelled in case a student fails in 3 subjects or in any one of the lab or practical examination. This rule applies even if you are unable to attend three of the exams because of illness.
  • *"There is power in the hands of course instructors. They can change how your result will appear, even in the final examination. The closer you are with teachers the higher marks you are supposed to achieve", quote many of the students.
  • You will miss your home a lot if you are not from around KU. Lifestyle is completely different here; you will miss how your life used to be with your family. :( sad!
  • *Kathmandu University lies on a small hillock; you will be living in this small world without any contact with the outer world. Though its obvious that there are means of communication, you will feel like isolated from rest of the world.
  • *Newspapers? "Well, they arrive around 1:00pm generally. I love to read papers but national dailies reach me after half of the news in the paper is already dead and buried", smiles one of my friends. Main source of information is internet.  :)
  • Since Kathmandu University is far from city area, you won't be able to buy everything what you need in time. The only available market is in Banepa.
  • Roads are muddy here; not everywhere inside KU but few roads and outside the KU premises it is difficult to walk around in rainy season.
  • *Office personnels of Kathmandu University are not friendly and helpful. This statement does not apply to all the staffs but it is what I have experienced here.
  • With a lot of facilities you will experience a lot a problems in each of them; though it's common to have such experience. But soon after you get used to life in KU, you will start complaining about them. An example? Well, I would rudely complaint about the standard and quality of wireless network distributed by KU for students. This is an example only!
    THIS POST IS COURTESY OF MY FRIEND SIMOLI. http://greenisgood4u.blogspot.com/, I THINK!

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    *Please note that these points are my personal views.
    Official information about Kathmandu University is at http://ku.edu.np/university.

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