July 25, 2011

Preparation for Application Submission

< Important information: While filling up your application form on-line, you are supposed to choose the subjects on the basis of your priority. Make sure you chose the subject that you want to study in the first priority. Select the subjects for 2nd and 3rd priority as well. >

You shall prepare a few things before you reach KU to apply for any course. The first thing you should know is you are going to fill an application form online. So make sure you know how to do that. Otherwise come with someone who can assist you in fill up the form.
Make sure you are ready ...
You are not the only one to come for applying in KU. There will be thousands of other students. Next, you do not want to return back to your home to fetch something. You want to know well what you should do and what you should not before coming to KU. Well, let me give you a short list about how to prepare for coming KU- for form submission, entrance exam or for interview.
  • Make sure you have all these documents ready- Originals and photocopy of your academic results.
  • Do not forget to bring the entrance card of HSEB 2nd year exam if you have not obtained the transcript/mark sheet.
  • Bring your citizenship certificate and its photocopy.
  • Have a few passport sized photos of yourself.
  • Bring recommendation letters (applicable if you are going to apply for scholarship).
  •  Come in time. If you came late you will have to stand at the back of a long line. You will not appreciate that at all.
  • While coming to attend entrance exam, get well prepared. You are going to compete with thousands of other students.
  • Be humble and polite to the personnels at the help desk. Feel free to ask anything to the help desk or any student you see around.
You can fill up the online form from the Library section, and then go for validation of your documents on the upper floor (department of CSE). If you want more information, mention it in the comment below. You will be replied as soon as possible.


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